About us

William H Green Construction & Asphalt LLC was founded in , to satisfy the growing need of the community for a good concrete and paving service. We are the most professional and affordable concrete contractor in Tappahannock VA and the surrounding area. Aside from the concrete, we offer high quality demolition services. We take down residential, commercial and industrial structures timely, and in a safe and clean manner.

Concrete mixerWilliam H Green Construction & Asphalt LLC is a fully licensed, bonded and insured concrete contractor. Our team of professionals excels in all types of paving and concrete work. They are armed with the latest in construction tools and equipment the market has to offer. We can build everything you envision and desire.

Over the years we have successfully accomplished projects of various sizes and complexity. No project is too big or too complicated for us. We are famous for our ability to exceed our customers expectations. We do not give up until the job is done! With us on the job, customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Our prices are highly competitive and affordable. We even offer special discounts for our clients! By choosing us as your paving and concrete contractor, you are choosing a high quality service at reasonable rates.William H Green Construction & Asphalt LLC is the concrete company for your every need in Tappahannock VA and the surrounding area!Call (804) 443-2646 now for an emergency service, or an appointment with a professional!